Looking back over 150 years of Bendigo | The anniversary of the City of Sandhurst

150 years of Bendigo’s rise to being a photogenic city

The 19th of July this year marked 150 years (1871) since the formal title of city was bestowed on the Borough of Sandhurst. Hang on, if that’s a bit confusing to you, don’t worry it was also confusing for the local members of the community at the time!

Between the early decades of the 1850s to the 1890s there was a bit of debate over what the city’s name should be but ultimately in 1891 the name Bendigo was locked in by a vote of 1,515 to 267.
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set of three lost photos of bendigo collectable cards

To celebrate 150 years of history we thought we would take a peek at some old postcards and collectables to see what life looked like for the ye olde Bendigoian.

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Photos of Bendigo collectable cards of images showcasing all the significant landmarks that you will hopefully recognize. It’s shocking how well some of these buildings have stood the test of time!

Bendigo in 1870s | A city you will probably recognize

Rosalind Park with the top of Camp Hill Primary school visible

By the late 1870s Rosalind park was well on its way to being the hub of community events and activities.

The Bendigo goods shed (Discovery Center) and train station in the 1870s

The Bendigo goods shed (Discovery Center) and train station starts brining in people as quickly as it dispatches gold.

Bendigo town hall looking down Bull St

The town hall on Bull St, a popular spot at the center of Sandhurst

The iconic Bendigo City Family Hotel

The grand standing City Family Hotel welcome guest from as far away as England

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