Lost Photos of Bendigo

Once Lost Now Found

100s lost photos showing the significance of the gold rush era and beyound

A simple way to click and explore the photo collections of museum quality pictures of famous landmarks. Once lost these photos have now been found and take an extensive look into the elegant historical timeline of the era that founded the central Victorian region. Lost Photos of Bendigo and districts around Victoria.

Lost Photos of Bendigo of Bendigo Historical Image Galleries \ Before and After Picture Sliders

Bendigo’s most famous and old images now available to collect

3.5inch by 2.5inch flush mount printed cards for purchase. A Collection of 18th century and 19th century photos of Bendigo churches, gaols and landmarks. A piece of history worth keeping around for admiration.

Lost Photos of Bendigo Keeping the Memories Alive for Generations to Come

Lost Photos of Bendigo
1945-1956 View of Bendigo street, looking towards Post Office from the fountain
Oct 1929 Bendigo picture
Lost Photos of Bendigo
1909 Pall Mall, Bendigo picture
1885 City Family Hotel in Sandhurst, 1885
1861 Bendigo Town Hall picture Two-storeyed brick building with first-floor balcony with clock on it and several men in top hats
Lost Photos of Bendigo
1970 Golden Gate Hotel, High Street, Bendigo

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